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Also known as abrasive blasting, Air Blasting uses compressed air to propel an abrasive against a surface in order to clean or finish it. Depending on the pressure and type of media used, Air Blasting can be used as a surface treatment to remove coatings and corrosion, create a satin or matte finish, produce a decorative frost finish, or for other surface preparation processes such as descaling, shot peening, blending, deburring, cleaning, etching, deflashing, or burnishing.

At SurfacePrep, aside from using metallic media for shot peening services, our Air Blasting Services use non-metallic media, including glass beads, ceramic beads, garnet, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, plastic, and baking soda.

SurfacePrep can perform a variety of Air Blasting Services. Our blast equipment options include manual cabinets, automated baskets or barrels, and blast rooms for larger parts.