Mesh belt machines have become one of the more popular choices in wheel blast systems.

A key advantage of a mesh belt machine is both top and bottom coverage from the blast wheels in a single pass. Virtually complete coverage is achieved without having to reorient the parts as they are conveyed on a wire mesh belt through the blast zone.

Wire mesh systems are good candidates for parts where part-on-part impingement is undesirable.

These systems also have the ability to be arranged in conjunction with other machines to automate the process, reducing labor costs.

Wire Mesh Belt Systems Types

  • In-Line Machine – in this configuration, parts are placed on an endless wire mesh belt. They are then conveyed through a tunnel with multiple blast wheels. Parts can either be manually or automatically loaded and unloaded depending on your process requirements.
  • Rotary Table – a mesh belt is arranged in a rotary configuration passes through the cabinet between multiple blast wheels. One operator is all that is required for the loading an unloading of the parts at the front of the unit.