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Since 1956, SurfacePrep has been a leading distributor of surface enhancement solutions. These facilities and job shops are run by skilled experts who work closely with local manufacturers to develop the best possible solution for every concern.

We have 37 facilities across the U.S. and Canada, all of which are focused on improving product quality, consistency, productivity, and profitability for our customers. These top facilities, united under the SurfacePrep banner, provide consistent excellence across North America.

Local Solutions with
a North American Reach

SurfacePrep’s proficient, local experts are always available for a phone call or in-person visit to answer your questions, share their broad and deep knowledge, and ensure they have elevated your production long after you’ve made your purchase. Their experience and our vast, national footprint makes SurfacePrep representatives uniquely qualified to go that extra mile and collaborate with customers, no matter the size of the project.

Whatever You Need,
Wherever You Need It

SurfacePrep is strategically located across North America, meaning all manufacturers are local manufacturers.

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