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SurfacePrep is a leading supplier of abrasive blasting and vibratory media. Abrasive media encompasses a wide range of abrasives for blasting and mass finishing applications, such as cleaning, rust removal, polishing, deburring, and eliminating machining lines. We offer a vast array of abrasives, including blast media, vibratory finishing media, and coated, non-woven and bonded abrasives.

Abrasive Blasting Media

For abrasive blasting applications, we supply a variety of blast media, including various types of aluminum oxide, garnet, glass beads, crushed glass, and steel shot and grit. Typically, abrasive blasting media is propelled onto an unfinished surface by compressed air or a wheel, resulting in the desired finish for various work pieces.

Vibratory Mass Finishing Media

For mass finishing applications, we offer an assortment of vibratory finishing media, ranging from plastic and ceramic media to organic and steel media. Additionally, we supply essential vibratory compounds to make the mass finishing process more efficient and effective.

Coated, Non-Woven & Bonded Abrasives

Coated, Non-Woven & Bonded Abrasive products are used in a variety of applications and processes, ranging from stock removal, blending, surface prep, finishing and polishing. SurfacePrep represents all major brands and a variety of product types and abrasive grains to fit any application or industry.

Our Dedication to Providing High-Quality Abrasives

With our depth of expertise, SurfacePrep professionals will collaborate with you to develop the ideal process for your surface finishing project. At SurfacePrep, we will guide you through any challenges and questions, and provide consultation as you navigate through your project.

Contact a SurfacePrep professional today at any of our locations across North America to learn more about our blasting and vibratory media, and our approach to ensuring incredible value to our customers.

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