Wheel blasting is a great process for descaling and cleaning wire rod and pipe. This process is an environmentally preferred method in comparison to acid pickling.

Main configurations of units intended for blasting wire, rod, and pipe include:

Wire Rod

Wire rod is cleaned or descaled as it passes through a blast cabinet. Numerous blast wheels provide complete coverage as the material moves through the blast cabinet. Wire rod or bar stock as small as ¼” in diameter and up to 4″ can be processed in this series of machines. This unit is also capable of cleaning squares, flats and other shapes.

Skew Roll

This machine is used to clean the outside surface of cylindrical objects such as pipe, large bar and even some tanks. Rollers are positioned throughout the blast cabinet and provide forward movement as well as rotation on the product to be blasted. Several blast wheels are mounted throughout the cabinet to insure proper blast cleaning coverage. The roller speed can be adjusted to your specific cleaning requirements.

Coil Wire

Coils are loaded onto mandrel mounted on the door of the unit. During the wheel blast process the mandrel turns which exposes various sections of the coil for better exposure to the blast stream.