Ceramic shot and grit are excellent blast abrasives for a range of air, wheel, or wet blasting applications. Ceramic products are also referred to as zirconia bead or zirconia grit due to their high percentage of zirconia. Unlike many other abrasives, ceramic shot and grit are very resilient and highly elastic. Ceramic products have virtually zero iron content making them ideal in applications where ferrous contamination is a concern.

Ceramic Shot

Ceramic shot, also known as ceramic beads, are spherical in shape. They are typically used for shot peening or cleaning processes. Ceramic shot does not fracture nearly as quickly as glass beads and is both harder and more elastic.

Applications of Ceramic Shot:

  • Shot peening
  • Contaminant removal
  • Micro-surface profiling
  • Blasting titanium* or stainless steel
  • Mold cleaning

Physical Characteristics of Ceramic Shot:

  • Spherical shape
  • Hardness – approx. 50 – 65 Rockwell C
  • Approximate bulk density of 150 lbs. per cubic foot

Ceramic Grit

Ceramic grit is an angular-shaped abrasive. Ceramic grit is best in surface etching applications or difficult contaminant removal processes.

Applications of Ceramic Grit:

  • Cosmetic finishing
  • Micro-surface profiling
  • Precision deburring
  • Blasting titanium or stainless steel
  • Contaminant removal

Physical Characteristics of Ceramic Grit:

  • Angular, random shape
  • Hardness – approx. 50 – 65 Rockwell C
  • Bulk density – approx. 140 lbs. per cubic foot

*Special care must be taken when blasting with titanium due to sparking while blasting, which can create a potential fire hazard.