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Coated, Non-woven & Bonded Abrasives are used in a multitude of surface finishing applications and processes.

Often referred to as sandpaper, Coated Abrasives are formed when an abrasive grain is affixed by adhesive to a flexible material such as paper, plastic film, cloth, or vulcanized fiber. Non-woven Abrasives differ from Coated Abrasives in that the abrasive grit is suspended on a non-woven material. There are several variations of Non-Woven Abrasives, though the most widely known is the 6”x9” hand pad. Bonded Abrasives are manufacturer by bonding abrasive grains into a solid form, such as a grinding wheel or grinding disc.

SurfacePrep also supplies custom abrasives and full lines of miscellaneous handwork abrasives, such as mounted points, honing stones, and various items typically used with pneumatic or electric tools.

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