SurfacePrep has several types of cut wire abrasives available to fit your application’s needs.

Cut wire is created by taking wire of a specific diameter and cutting it into specific lengths. The lengths are usually the same dimension as the diameter of the wire. Because of this measured out process, cut wire does not have a range in its size, it is consistently sized providing consistent results.

Cut wire is categorized by size and the metal make-up of the wire used. Cut wire is also available in a “as cut” form or in a “conditioned” form.

Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Stainless steel cut wire is a must for cleaning or peening operations where ferrous contamination cannot be tolerated.

Stainless steel cut wire is manufactured to rigid specifications. The wire is cut to the same length as its diameter producing a solid, durable piece of shot.

Stainless steel cut wire is available in either “as cut” or conditioned forms.

Carbon Cut Wire

Carbon cut wire is an excellent choice for peening applications when fracturing and splitting of cast steel shot is a concern. Carbon cut wire does not fracture or split, but rather delaminates as it wears allowing the shape to remain spherical.

Zinc Cut Wire

Zinc cut wire is the abrasive of choice when damage and ferrous contamination from conventional steel abrasives are of concern. Zinc cut wire is made from 99% + high grade zinc wire. It is an ideal product for cleaning of fixtures or stripping paint hooks.

Zinc cut wire is a soft, non-ferrous abrasive that is capable of removing various coatings, removing flash from aluminum and magnesium die castings or simply producing a bright, uniform finish on any metal.

Other Cut Wire Media Available

  • Low-Nickel Stainless Steel Cut Wire
  • Aluminum Cut Wire
  • Specialty Cut Wire (like certain stainless alloys or even copper)

Cut wire abrasives are most often used in wheel blasting applications but can be used in air blast as well. As with other metallic abrasives, the blasting system must be capable of conveying the heavy media.

Benefits of Cut Wire

  • Longer life than cast abrasives
  • No hollows, splits, or twins
  • Maintains size and shape longer than cast abrasives
  • Produces dust free surfaces