SurfacePrep has several types of cut wire abrasives available to fit your application’s needs.

Cut wire is created by taking wire of a specific diameter and cutting it into specific lengths. The lengths are usually the same dimension as the diameter of the wire. Because of this measured out process, cut wire does not have a range in its size, it is consistently sized providing consistent results.

Cut wire is categorized by size and the metal make-up of the wire used. Cut wire is also available in a “as cut” form or in a “conditioned” form.

Stainless steel and carbon cut wire are sold in “as cut” or “conditioned” forms. The conditioned form is commonly used in shot peening operations.

Zinc cut wire and aluminum cute wire are only sold in “as cut” forms. They are softer metals than carbon or stainless steel, therefore, they round off rather quickly while cycling through a blast system.

Cut wire abrasives are most often used in wheel blasting applications but can be used in air blast as well. As with other metallic abrasives, the blasting system must be capable of conveying the heavy media.

Cut Wire Forms:

  • As Cut
  • Conditioned
  • Double Conditioned
  • Spherically Conditioned or Triple Conditioned