10X superoxalloy abrasives are an engineered alloy of oxide minerals created through highly controlled formulation and tempering. This process creates non-crystalline (amorphous) particles that resist breakage under stress of high-speed mechanical impact.

10X is low dust and leaves a brilliant, clean, profiled finish with minimal embedment or other residues. It achieves better coating performance and significantly delays rust bloom.

10X superoxalloy abrasives come in a variety of grit sizes that fall into two product lines: EpiX precision grades ultra high-performance for demanding manufacturing applications and KinetiX high-production grades for cost-efficient, high-volume blasting jobs.


  • Profiling
  • Corrosion and coating removal
  • Rust and mill scale removal
  • Cleaning
  • Stone cutting and engraving
  • Surface etching

Physical Characteristics:

  • Size ranges:
    • KinetiX – 10/20, 10/40, 20/40, (20/70 most popular) 40/70
    • EpiX – EpiX-EP 40/100 (most popular on steel), EpiX-MP 70/100 (most popular on aluminum, magnesium, and other softer substrates), EpiX-LP 100/200
  • 7-8 Mohs hardness
  • Density ranging from 87-110 lbs. per cubic foot depending on grit size
  • Environmentally safe
  • Contains no free silica, beryllium, lead, or heavy metals. (Free silica and beryllium have never been detected in samples of 10X abrasives independently analyzed by certified third-party laboratories.)