Glass beads are most often used in general maintenance and blast cleaning processes. Blasting with glass beads allows the user to clean work pieces without significant surface removal. Due to its spherical shape, glass beads are also used in some peening applications. The shape also lends to a slow break down allowing for multiple turns and impacts.

The shape of glass beads allows for a four-step process in one application because they can clean, finish, peen, and deburr. That combination provides a controlled and unique surface finish when compared to other common blasting abrasives. It leaves a nice, bright, satin finish on metallic surfaces.

The wide range of sizes available in glass beads allows for a variety of surface finishing and cosmetic textures. Glass beads are also chemically inert and will not leave contamination or residue on surfaces.


  • Cosmetic and satin finishing
  • Blast cleaning when metal removal from work piece is concerned
  • Mold cleaning
  • Automotive restoration
  • Light to medium peening of metal parts to reduce fatigue
  • Carbon or heat treat scale removal

Physical Characteristics:

  • Round shape
  • 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale
  • Also available in military sizing specifications
  • Bulk density is approximately 100 lbs. per cubic foot