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Media Blasting Abrasives

Abrasive Blasting Media is abrasive that cleans, removes, finishes, and prepares a surface.  The media is propelled with the use of compressed air, or via centrifugal force by a bladed wheel.  The media impacts the surface to be finished to erode any unwanted materials or to prep a surface for a coating to be applied after blasting.   The process is most utilized in preparing surfaces for coating by stripping any rust, scale, unwanted paint or contaminants to improving the cosmetics of the surface or improving adhesion for coatings.  Abrasive blasting media is often referred to, incorrectly, as sandblasting media.  Silica sand should never be used in blasting processes.

SurfacePrep can assist you with your media selection process.  Your specific application parameters such as required finish, production output, available processing time, are all important when choosing the right abrasive blast media that will meet your needs.  Characteristics of the abrasive blasting media like bulk density, the shape of the abrasive, hardness, the number of times the abrasive can be effectively be recycled, all determine the surface profile the abrasive creates. Different types of abrasive media have different characteristics, therefore, creating different surface profiles. One example would be that softer abrasive blasting media can be used for cleaning applications whereas harder abrasive blasting media would typically be used to remove corrosion, rust and to create a surface profile.

Abrasive blasting media is useful in a broad array of applications, such as automotive, aerospace, and even orthopedic implant finishing.  Abrasive Media Blasting is inexpensive and has a number of advantages. It is typically faster and cleans surfaces better.  Most types of abrasive blast media of media are reusable, or recyclable. Other benefits may include:

  • Efficiency. Abrasive blasting media processes can reach areas of the workpiece, or surface, that can be hard to access by other means.
  • Eco-friendliness. The process is more environmentally friendly since most media are natural materials and are recyclable.
  • Surface Profiling. The profiling of the surface is easily controlled by the use of different media types and sizes, opening up a wider range for customer application requirements.
  • Operator safety. The use of abrasive media for cleaning poses less of a health risk than other cleaning techniques, but operators must take protective measures with proper PPE.

At SurfacePrep, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We focus our efforts on providing world-class customer service, support, to insure we provide the best materials to our customers. SurfacePrep stocks a large quantity of abrasive blasting media and abrasive finishing equipment that will meet your application needs. Our knowledgeable, friendly associates are ready to help you find the materials that fit your needs and provide solutions to your problems.


As a leading supplier of abrasive blasting media and abrasive finishing equipment, SurfacePrep has established a collection of the best on-site and local technical consultants whose knowledge of abrasive media and finishing equipment is unmatched in the field. Through our placement of job shops located across the United States and Canada, we offer hands-on assistance to surface finishing projects, enabling you to work one-on-one with a field expert.

At SurfacePrep, we are always available to you for advice and insight long after working together to solve your initial challenges. We take great care to deliver excellent customer service and the information you need to properly complete your surface finishing project. Providing you with the abrasive blasting media and abrasive finishing equipment necessary to get the job done right is our top priority. Contact us today and we will immediately start working with you to meet your surface preparation and finishing needs.

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