A separate classification of vibratory mass finishing equipment is high energy systems.

High-energy mass finishing equipment differs from standard tumble barrels and vibratory systems in that the amount of force or energy imparted on the workpiece is far greater. Desired results are achieved in far shorter cycle times. High-energy equipment can be a great solution for parts of high value or parts that require a high polish or cut that cannot be generated by a standard vibratory or tumble system.

Types of High Energy Systems Available:

  • High Energy Finishing Systems – A bowl-type system in which the machine provides a high-energy frequency of vibration while the parts are fixtured to the bottom of the work bowl. Finishes usually only found in hand belting and polishing can be achieved in this system.
  • Centrifugal Disc Systems – Bowl-type system in which the walls of the work bowl stay stationary but the bottom of the bowl is a spinning disc. The best type of parts to be processed in these systems are smaller parts that require a high level of processing that would require too long of a time cycle in standard vibratory equipment.
  • Centrifugal Barrel Systems – The high-energy version of the traditional tumble barrel. They can produce very high polish results that simply cannot be duplicated in a standard, old-style tumble barrel. Loading and unloading these systems can be labor intensive.
  • Drag Finishers – workpieces are fixtures in a set position and dragged through a dead mass of media. Drag finishing is a process typically used for high-value parts. Examples of parts that have been finished in drag finishers are orthopedic implants, aerospace components, boat propellers, and furniture hardware. Drag finishers can produce astounding results when a desired finish calls for a high level of grinding or polishing.

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