Coolants and lubricants typically work together in the metalworking industry, like machining, milling, and stamping. Coolants and lubricants are also commonly referred to as cutting fluid or cutting oil.

The goal of coolants and lubricants is to help reduce heat caused by friction, maximize the life of the cutting tip, and to help prevent rust on the machine parts or cutters.

SurfacePrep offers a wide-range of high-quality cutting oils and coolants to enhance the performance, tool life, and dimensional accuracy of our tools. Several grades and sizes are available to support heavy machining, general purpose machining and non-ferrous applications. We represent many major brands such as Master Fluid Solutions, Cimcool, and more.

There are many different types of cutting fluids, such as:

  • oils
  • oil-water emulsions
  • pastes
  • gels
  • mists
  • dry form