Ceramic media is the most popular type of vibratory media. Ceramic media offer a wide-range of finishing capabilities. There are a variety of formulations for extremely fast-cutting, medium-cutting, light-cutting, and non-abrasive burnishing processes.

​The compositions range from ultra-lightweight (65 lbs per cubic foot.) to high-density formulations (130 lbs per cubic foot). Most formulations will utilize aluminum oxide grain mixed in the ceramic composition to provide the cut and finishing characteristics.

Ceramic media offers dozens of sizes and shape combinations to meet the needs of the batch of parts being processed.


  • Medical and dental implant finishing
  • Aerospace finishing
  • Jet engine and turbine blade finishing
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing) finishing
  • Jewelry polishing
  • Deburring of machined and cast parts
  • Deburring of laser and plasma cut parts
  • Cleaning of parts