Within our standard threading selection, we offer a variety of chamfer lengths and thread forms. This includes dies and die-nuts, general purpose hand and machine taps, multi-material and material-specific taps, fluteless taps and thread milling cutters. We also provide indexable threading tools for internal and external thread production. This includes both full and partial profile inserts with a wide range of tool holders and threading bars. SurfacePrep represents many major brands of threading and tapping tools like Dormer-Prater, EMUGE, and more.

HSS Taps    

Our broad range of taps and dies covers common threadforms used by hand or machine in straight flute, spiral point, and spiral flute designs. This includes taps designed for multi-material thread production as well as taps with optimized geometries for high performance threading of specific workpiece materials. We also offer fluteless taps for chip-free threading in malleable materials.


Solid Carbide Taps          

Solid carbide taps provide the highest rates of productivity in hard and abrasive materials up to 63 HRC. Their highly stable design means low risk of tap breakage and optimal process security. Available in a variety of styles including straight flute, spiral flute and fluteless, with internal coolant options for ideal chip evacuation when threading short-chipping materials.


Thread Milling        

Thread milling supports highly accurate, larger diameter thread creation on CNC machines. Our program covers M, MF, UNC, UNF, G & NPT thread forms. All provide a high level of security, stability, and surface finish. Extremely versatile, the same cutter can be used in almost all workpiece materials including hardened steels, stainless steels and difficult to machine alloys.