Abrasive blast rooms are a productive air blasting equipment method to prepare large components while providing a safe environment for the operators and co-workers. Blast rooms are large blasting systems for handling work pieces too large or complex for even the largest blast cabinet.  An operator, outfitted in appropriate PPE (personnel protection equipment), is inside the blast room maneuvering around and blasting the work piece.

Blast rooms can be designed to fit the application, part size, production rates, types of abrasives to be used, and the workflow of the finished parts.

The components of a blast room are:

  • Blast Room Enclosure
  • Blast Pot
  • Abrasive Reclaiming Systems
  • Abrasive Recovery Floor
  • Dust Collector System
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Operator Systems & PPE

Types of Blast Rooms:

  • Pre-Engineered Systems – Like a blast cabinet, the pre-engineered rooms are offered in sizes that will fit most small component blasting operations.
  • Pre-Assembled Rooms – They are not much larger but offer a unique option of full floor media recovery.
  • Engineered Rooms – These rooms can be specifically designed for larger components like tanks, equipment, or vehicles. There are some options available to tailor the room, such as: crane slots, cart tracks, pipe & tube slots, and drive-through options with doors on each end of the room.