Stainless steel shot and grit have become increasingly more popular in the industry. They perform like regular steel shot and grit but are made with stainless steel. They contain a higher concentration of nickel and chromium, making them a good media choice when ferrous contamination of a surface cannot be tolerated.

Both stainless steel grit and stainless steel shot come in a variety of hardness and sizes.

The bulk density of both media is very high and must be taken into consideration in relation to the equipment being used.  Appropriately outfitted equipment must be selected to perform properly with either of these products.

Stainless Steel Shot

Stainless steel shot is spherical in shape. Stainless steel shot will provide a smoother surface than steel grit.

Although stainless shot is spherical, it is not recognized in shot peening specifications as an accepted media for shot peening.

Stainless Steel Shot Characteristics:

  • Hardness – approx. 30 HRC
  • Size Range: S10 – S300
  • Bulk Density – approx. 295 lbs. per cubic foot

Stainless Steel Grit

Stainless steel grit is random and angular. Stainless steel grit, given its shape, will etch, or erode the surface.

Stainless Steel Grit Characteristics:

  • Hardness:
    • GM (approx. 56 HRC)
    • GH (approx. 60 HRC)
  • Size Range: G10-G300
  • Bulk Density – approx. 300 lbs. per cubic foot