SurfacePrep features a complete line of vibratory finishing equipment, such as vibratory bowls and tubs. Bowls are a very versatile version of mass-finishing machines.

Vibratory bowls are used for a variety of processes and applications including deburring, fine finishing, smoothing, burnishing, and edge break or radiusing.

Types of Vibratory Bowls:

  • Standard Bowls – The most common and economical type of bowl that is ideal for most deburring or radiusing processes.
  • Ball Burnishing Bowls – These are heavy-duty bowls intended to turn heavy steel media and parts around to achieve bright, burnished finishes.
  • Batch or Flat Bottom Bowls – These systems are suited for larger parts that may not unload as well in a standard system.
  • Cob Dryers- The most common dryers used in mass finishing or vibratory tumbling processes are cob dry These units are essentially a vibratory finishing bowl with a heating element located in the base of the machine. The heated cob dryer provides a great means to dry and to some extent can slightly brighten or polish the workpiece.

Vibratory Tubs:
Tubs are a great consideration if your parts are larger or may not travel well through a bowl configuration. Tubs are available in a broad range of sizes. SurfacePrep offers entry-level, small systems for those with a limited budget, all the way up to large tubs that can be developed to meet the most stringent processing requirements.

Visit our Rebuilt Equipment Page to see if any Vibratory Systems are currently available.