The spray gun is the key component in the finishing system. Each type of gun is precision engineered and is specifically designed to perform certain, defined range of tasks.

Spray guns are available in gravity feed, siphon feed, or pressure feed delivery systems. Each gun type utilizes air atomization to mix with the material at the air cap in a controlled pattern. The type of gun will determine the transfer efficiency of the spray.

Gun Types:

  • HVLP Spray Guns
    • HVLP stand for “High Volume Low Pressure”
    • Designed to meet environment regulations and reduce discharge levels
    • 10 psi regulatory limitation at the tip of the gun
    • Typical Transfer Efficiency: 65% Range
  • Airless Spray Guns
    • Break up fluid pumped at a high-pressure (500 to over 7000 psi)
    • Fan pattern and amount of fluid per minute is determined by the gun’s tip size
    • Used in application where speed is a higher priority than the finish
    • Typical Transfer Efficiency: 50% Range
  • Air-Assisted (or Airmix) Spray Guns
    • Utilizes high-pressure (300 – 3500 psi) to atomize coating at the tip
    • Air flow will range from 10 – 30 psi to better control fan pattern
    • Air Assisted Typical Transfer Efficiency: 60% Range
    • Airmix Tips Typical Transfer Efficiency: 75% Range
  • Conventional Spray Guns
    • Rely on high-pressure for atomization
    • Creates finest finish but yields a lot of overspray
    • Popular for applying spray adhesives
    • Typical Transfer Efficiency: 30% Range
  • Electrostatic Spray Guns
    • Offers the best overall transfer efficiencies
    • The coating is charge as it leaves the gun while the ground parts attract the paint greatly reducing overspray
    • Can yield huge production cost savings due to local regulations on discharge and the high cost of wasted coating
    • Manual and automatic electrostatic spray guns are available
    • Typical Transfer Efficiency: 90-95% Range

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