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The Highest-Quality Equipment for Your Process

Using the correct equipment is essential to achieving both an efficient and effective surface finishing process. With our technical knowledge and unmatched family of equipment vendors, the SurfacePrep team is ready to deliver the optimal equipment for any surface finishing project. Our consultative approach focuses on finding the best, all-around solution, and we remain available for support throughout the project and beyond.

If We Sell It, You Can Count On It

At SurfacePrep, we supply only the best equipment for projects ranging from air and wheel blast to vibratory mass finishing and surface coating. We also equip customers with the most reliable safety products and have a wide range of miscellaneous parts for maintaining or improving your current equipment.

From Installation to Repairs, We Have You Covered

Whether it is routine maintenance or a new technical challenge, contact SurfacePrep today to discuss how our full line of equipment can solve all of your surface enhancement requirements.

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