Powder coating is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industrial finishing market.

Advanced technology and innovations in powder coating equipment and curing ovens have led to more companies investing in equipment for in-house production. Powder has a tremendous advantage over liquid products. Like electrostatic paint systems and guns, the powder is negatively charged as it enters the gun and parts are grounded to attract the powder. This provides good coating wrap-around and excellent transfer efficiency. Powder coating is more durable. Additionally, there are no special permit regulations for powder coating as there are for liquid paint applications.

The only disadvantage is that powder coating requires a curing oven.

Common Types of Powder Coating Systems:

  • Box Feed Units – Common in color changing applications because you can easily flush color out of gun and change the powder boxes. Box feed carts are equipped with an adjustable vibrating table and fluidized tube to keep the powder free-
  • Hopper Feed Units – Used in high production or for applications that don’t have color changes. The hopper itself is fluidized to keep the powder from sticking or packing. Hopper feed units can be mounted on a cart or left stationery for high-production flow-through systems. Hopper units can also be combined with powder recovery and reclaim systems.

Types of Powder Coating Guns and Applicators:

  • Manual Guns – Lightweight with integrated controls to adjust powder flow rates and electrostatic charge. Some guns can be preprogrammed to deliver exact voltage and powder flow to maximize performance.
  • Automatic Guns and Powder Bells – deliver the most consistent and highest quality finishes, and can even be integrated with a robotic system for high-production lines.

SurfacePrep offers a variety of powder coating systems to fit your needs. For more information on our powder coating systems, contact us today.