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Engineered Refractory Materials

Engineered refractory materials are a specialized market focusing on ceramic and refractory products often used for sintering, investment casting, hot pressing, nitride bonding, or reaction bonding. Resulting products include armor and bulletproof materials, heating elements and igniters, heavy wear components, kiln furniture, refractory components, diesel particulate fuel filters, and components for the semiconductor industry.

SurfacePrep supplies engineered refractory materials, such as:

  • Tabular Alumina
  • White Fused Aluminum Oxide
  • Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide
  • White Fused Mullite
  • Zirconia
    • Bubble Zirconia
    • Monoclinic (fused and chemical grade)
    • Calcia-Stabilized Zirconia (fused)
    • Magnesia-Stabilized Zirconia (fused and chemical grade)
    • Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (fused and chemical grade)
  • Silicon Carbide
    • Black Silicon Carbide
    • Green Silicon Carbide
    • Ready to Press Powders
    • Submicron Powder
  • Boron Carbide
    • Macrogrit & Microgrit Boron Carbide
    • Submicron Powder
    • Hot Press Powder
    • Nuclear Grade Boron Carbide
    • Sintering Aid
  • Fused Yttria & Calcined Yttrium Oxide
    Any many more!


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