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Wheel blasting is a method of blasting in which an abrasive—typically a metallic abrasive—is introduced through the hub of a rotating bladed wheel and propelled off the tip of the rotating blades onto work pieces.

Depending on the velocity, size, shape, and density of the metallic media, Wheel blasting is used for corrosion removal, descaling, surface preparation and treatment, burnishing, shot peening, blending marks or imperfections, cosmetic finishing, etching, profiling, deflashing, and cleaning.

At SurfacePrep, our wheel blasting services include the use of media such as steel shot, steel grit, carbon or stainless cut wire, zinc shot, aluminum shot, and ceramic shot. Batch processing is usually done in tumble wheel blasters, but for parts that are too heavy, delicate, or not suited for tumble blasting, we provide spinner hanger machines and table wheel blast machines.