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SurfacePrep is a proud Abrasive Materials, LLC distributor including cut wire, aluminum shot, stainless steel shot & more. Regardless of the application, when it comes to surface preparation & finishing, SurfacePrep has the solutions you need from the brands that you trust.

Zinc Cut Wire

Zinc cut wire
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Stainless Cut Wire

Stainless steel cut wire
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Carbon Cut Wire

carbon cut wire
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Shot Peening Accessories

Stacked small metal pieces
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Other Abrasives

stainless steel shot
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SurfacePrep delivers results beyond the surface as an Abrasive Materials, LLC Distributor

At SurfacePrep, we are always available to you for insight long after working together to solve your initial problem. We take great care to deliver excellent customer service and the information you need to properly execute your surface finishing project. As a trusted Abrasive Materials LLC distributor, our partnership allows us to provide you with the abrasive blasting media and abrasive finishing equipment necessary to get the job done right is our top priority.

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