Industrial parts washers offer a wide variety of processes in both batch style and flow through systems.

Aqueous cleaners provide an environmentally safe option for effective cleaning. Depending on the application, the batch style cabinet washers can include options to maximize the cleaning operation, such as rotating baskets, agitated immersion, ultrasonic cleaning and rinse & dry.

Types of Parts Washers and Dryers Available:

  • Top Loading Cabinets – Agitation or ultrasonic available.
  • Rotary Baskets – Cleaning process is followed by a rinse and drying cycle.
  • Flow through Systems – Conveyor, rotary drum, and monorail designs available. Can provide a rinse and dry cycle. Additional tanks can be added for corrosion protection or phosphate application.
  • Rotary Drums – Single and dual chambers available to maximize investment and floor space.
  • Belt Spray Washers – Best for large parts. Can be integrated with air knives to remove water from areas that it can be trapped.