Surface Finishing for Medical Devices

At SurfacePrep, we know that medical instruments and orthopedic implants require precise finishes to prevent contamination and wear. Using our industry experience, process knowledge, and access to superior products, SurfacePrep’s team of finishing experts can assist you in developing the right process for your application needs. SurfacePrep can provide the proper products and equipment, whether the finish requires blasting or mass-finishing.

The SurfacePrep team can help with a variety of medical industry-approved materials, such as cobalt chrome, stainless steel, titanium, plastic, and ceramic. We are able to provide safe, high-quality solutions for the industry.


Vibratory finishing allows for a mass finishing of medical products to be thoroughly cleaned, deburred, smoothed, and finished. This type of finishing is unique in its ability to be done in “batches” because of the setup. With vibratory finishing, medical instruments are placed in a vibrating tub or bowl of abrasive media that essentially shakes the pieces completely clean. Through this process, we can achieve mass-finished products that have been cleaned, radiused, brightened, and deburred. Deburring by grinding off the imperfections is especially necessary for the safety and reliability of these products. Free from any contaminants and completely safe for medical use, mass-finished tools have been a game-changer in this industry.


Blasting medical products is performed with a tight, steady stream of air and abrasives. The blasting of medical tools, equipment, and implants is highly important because it is a very effective way to clean and prepare parts within the manufacturing process. Allow SurfacePrep to provide you with the solutions and services you need to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your products — and your patients.

Both white aluminum oxide and brown aluminum oxide are used in the industry for creating a desired surface texture or as a step in the cleaning of devices. Aluminum oxide effectively and consistently finishes the components to minimize or eliminate corrosion or contamination, while preparing the surface for subsequent coatings or finishes.

For medical instruments and orthopedic implants, shot peening is often required. Shot peening increases the strength, structural integrity, and cycle life of a product.

Whether it is electronic devices, scalpels, implants, or scissors, SurfacePrep can provide the necessary services and solutions to clean, prepare, and finish your medical devices. Contact us today to get connected with our team about your medical device production.