SurfacePrep provides equipment and abrasives for many processes, including repeatable firearm finishing, used in the firearms finishing industry. Mass firearm metal finishing processes are used for a variety of firearm components and accessories. Typical finishing applications used for gun component finishing are high energy finishing, vibratory bowl or tub processes, centrifugal disc finishing, and even drag finishing.

Media blasting firearms is a process often used to create a specific surface finish prior to the coating of many firearm parts as well as a final finish to the metal of the firearm – often referred to as bead blasting. Shot peening may also be used to stress relieve barrels and/or frames. SurfacePrep also utilizes wet blasting, or vapor blasting, to create very unique finishes. Occasionally referred to as slurry blasting, wet blasting can provide a softer finish on different alloys used in the firearms industry that are difficult to achieve using typical air blast or wheel blast. Oftentimes, this is used as the final process of firearm metal finishing.

Part specific processes SurfacePrep can help with include:

  • Receivers – Nearly all receivers produced from forging are blasted to prepare for coating.
  • Cerakote – Cerakoting specifically calls out a blasting operation prior to coating.
  • Barrels – Bead blasted finish is very common on stainless barrels; blued or coated barrels are almost always prepped with an abrasive blast process. Shot peening may be used for stress relief.
  • Handguards – Metal (and plastic) are typically blasted for coating preparation or decorative finish.
  • Sights – Precision finishing for smooth surfaces is provided by centrifugal disc or traditional vibratory finishing.
  • Scopes/Scope Rings – Coating preparation and deburring are both needed from all scope manufacturers.
  • Triggers/bolts/etc. – Deburring firing mechanisms through vibratory or high-energy finishing.
  • Frames – Deburring and/or coating preparation is needed on nearly all frames of any type. Shot peening may be used for stress relief.
  • Ammunition – New and reload ammo brass is cleaned and polished with vibratory finishing.

SurfacePrep can help with the right equipment from a small gunsmith operation through international manufacturing.  We also have a manufacturer’s FFL to work on your project. Contact SurfacePrep today to learn more about our firearm metal finishing and repeatable firearm finishing services!