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The Five Tips Mentioned in the Video:

Tip #1 – Temperature and Humidity

Humidity is one of the most important factors that influences the performance of coated abrasive products. Backings and adhesives are very sensitive to changes in climate and will adjust to the relative humidity of their environment.

Excessive humidity can cause the adhesive bonds to soften, which can make the product clog quickly or lose grains during use.

Excessive dryness can cause the material to become brittle, reduce flexibility in belts, or distort the intended shape of the products.

Tip #2 – Keep Your Products in the Original Packaging

The original packaging is often designed specifically by the manufacturer to help support the products and to keep them secure from outside dust and humidity.

Tip #3 – Store Products Away from Direct Sources of Heat or Cold

This include storing at least 4 feet away from direct sunlight, steam pipes, radiators, furnaces, exhaust systems, open windows & doors, etc.

Tip #4 – Precondition Products Before Use

This is especially important for belts. They need to be removed from their original packaging about 24 hours prior to use and broght to the same room temperature /condition that they will be used in.

Either find a clean shelf to roll the belt up on and place the belt on its side.

Or you can hang them up on a hanger that is at least 4″ in diameter as to not cause a crease or bend.

Tip #5 – Store Your Coated Abrasive Products in a Rotation

Like in the food industry, coated abrasives need to be stored in a rotation.

“First in, first out,” can help ensure that you are never using an aged product. Aged products can be a danger to the user or the integrity of the tools.

If you need help with finding the right products for your application or have questions on any abrasive product, contact us today.