SurfacePrep supplies a range of high quality Refurbished Equipment that is expertly tested and approved for resale. Products range from air and wheel blasting equipment to vibratory equipment as well as miscellaneous parts and accessories.

If you would like more information or the pricing on these units or other options available, contact Knowlin Vestal at (616)583-5000 or

Available Systems

Air Blast Systems

Automated Air Blast Systems:

Empire TT36 Multiple units available, refurbished to requirements & applications
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Empire TT48 Refurbished to customer requirements & applications
Empire Rotary Head 2 48RS systems available, 9 gun with manual roll-out 36
Inline 9 Gun Rotary Head Belt System Contact us to learn more.

Manual Hand Cabinet Systems

Empire Pro-Finish 3648 Multiple systems available, all pressure, with lined cabinets, and lined reclaimers. Paired with DCM 80 dust collectors, can upgrade if needed.
Empire PRS System Multiple systems available, pressure blast, and reclaim
Empire ProFormer PF3642 Pressure and suction systems available. Lined cabinet and reclaimer
Empire 7272 Manual roll-out turntable and multiple operator stations. Pressure system, with lined cabinet/reclaimer and matched dust collector

Wheel Blast Systems

None available at the moment

Vibratory Systems

RotoFinish RM3A Fully automated 3 cubic foot centrifugal disc
Roto Finish ER-20LR Machine One refurbished available, and one ready to be rebuilt Good bowl liners, set up as single-pass machines. (The could be converted to gate.)
Roto Finish ST-20 Dryer One system available In excellent condition.
RotoFinish ER1011  Standard Bowl and Flat Bottom systems currently available
RotoFinish Gemini 700 Ceramic media only
RotoFinish ER1011 Dryer Overhead heat lamps with thermostat/timer, single pass operation
RotoFinish MP 88
Walther TT25 Centrifugal Disc Good operating system. Requires a new spinner.
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