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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Steve Galloway, Product Specialist

Steve has been in our industry for 22 years and with SurfacePrep for almost 3 years now. Steve is part of the coated product specialist group at SurfacePrep where their focus is finding new opportunities with both existing and new customers. “I appreciate getting the opportunity to take on new products and product lines for the company and run with them.” Steve likes to teach his coworkers how to identify and assist their customers with the products that Steve handles. “That includes everything from what they should be looking for to support their current customers, the questions they should be asking when they spot an opportunity, and how to offer help in that area based on what the customer tells them,” Steve said.

Steve attributed a lot of gratitude to his boss, John Roth, who holds him to a high standard in everything that Steve does. “He gives me all of the tools I need to be successful, supports my efforts in growing business, and let’s me know how I can be better at where I fall short.” That along with the support from Brent Cassil, Coated & Bonded Abrasive Product Manager, the sales reps, and other specialists are some of the things that Steve is truly grateful for.

“My favorite way to assist customers is to analyze their current processes and improve upon them. Making an operators job easier and changing the way a company manufactures their products is very rewarding,” Steve said.

When Steve isn’t supporting our customers and sales reps, he enjoys spending time with my family and friends, hosting block parties, cooking, playing golf, coaching his kids’ sports teams, drinking craft beer, and eating good food.