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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Steve Carpenter, one of the Founding Fathers of SurfacePrep!!

Steve was instrumental in the origination and substantial growth of the Grand Northern Products division when the original company was formed in 1981. Through his career, he has been involved in all aspects of the business, from executive and sales management to using his engineering degree to collaborate with our key vendor partners in developing new finishing technologies that were patented.

“Steve is a big reason behind the success of SurfacePrep. He never hesitates to share his knowledge with customers, our manufacturing partners or the newer sales engineers that have joined our team. His unselfish approach has allowed SurfacePrep to leverage his process application expertise across our entire platform,” said Mike Currie, Chief Executive Officer of SurfacePrep.

“We don’t just sell products and equipment, our strength is process development and determining the best overall solution for the customer. If we can’t find it right away, we don’t stop until we do!” Steve said. “When we prove our ability, the customer knows that they can trust us.”

Steve has helped prove this mission to customers repeatedly. Most recently, he worked with a customer whose blasting operation had became a bottleneck in their manufacturing process. Working together with the customer and one of SurfacePrep’s multiple process development labs, they we were able to develop a solution that reduced the overall cycle time by over 80%. “The customer learned that they could eliminate a challenge, create capacity and continue to grow their business.  I’m still helping them adapt as their business expands,” Steve said. “If you do this with your job, you truly have fun. That’s why I love what I do.”

Steve enjoys mentoring the younger sales people and opening their eyes to many ways they can bring value to their customers.  Steve said that, “if you do the right things for people, good will follow.”

Steve believes in a work hard, play hard attitude. He likes anything that goes fast, from cars and motorbikes to boats. He also greatly enjoys spending time with his wife and their large family.

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