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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Mike Gilmore, General Manager for SurfacePrep – SPT Division

Mike has been with SurfacePrep’s SPT Division for 17 years. In all that time, Mike said that SurfacePrep has never lost sight of the face that taking care of our customers is why we have a business.

“As long as we have their best interest at heart, we will never lose them,” Mike said.

What Mike appreciate a lot about SurfacePrep now is that we have so many options at our disposal to help our customers with every type of applications and industry. “We are very lucky to work with the best vendors in the industry to help our customers achieve their goals,” Mike said. Mike said that it is a special place to work because the people at SurfacePrep – SPT Division truly care about taking care of our customers and each other.

When Mike is busy taking care of the SPT Division offices in Houston and Grand Prairie, Texas, he enjoys playing golf, hunting, and “spending time doing whatever my wife says we are going to do!” Anything to do with his family, and Mike is in.