Project Description

SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Knowlin Vestal, Vice President of SurfacePrep Services

Knowlin started out with Grand Northern Products, now SurfacePrep’s Grand Northern Division, about 17 years ago. As SurfacePrep has grown, Knowlin has learned how exciting and constantly evolving our industry is.

“SurfacePrep’s entrepreneurial culture allows me, and everyone here, the freedom to work on a myriad of projects – from simple blast cabinets for local businesses to precision finishing processes for NASA’s propulsion system,” Knowlin said. ” I appreciate the flexibility and freedom to focus on what excites me about our industry.”

Knowlin loves to work on process development and the continuous improvement of customers’ finishing processes. “Finding new and more efficient processes is always interesting and rewarding.”

Part of Knowlin’s entrepreneurial projects to expand SurfacePrep Services is our refurbished equipment division. Having nearly two decades of industry and equipment knowledge has given Knowlin the opportunity to find seemingly worn equipment and give it new life.

Outside of work, Knowlin tries to be a dedicated family man to his wife and two young kids, with another one on the way!

During any down time, he likes to work on home projects, ride motorcycles, and hunt & fish occasionally.

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