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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Keith Coffey, Coated & Bonded Product Manager for S.O.T. Abrasives & Equipment and the SPT Division

Keith started working in the abrasive business in the early 90s selling diamond and coated abrasives in the natural stone industry. He joined Sandpaper of Texas / Burr-Off Industries in 1996 as they were awarded the Texas territory for Roto-Finish. For his first couple of years he established the vibratory media, compound, and equipment business, then turned his eye to focusing on coated and bonded growth in North Texas. Blasting media and equipment joined their business mix in the late 90s as Keith assumed the sales manager role.

Keith enjoyed being a sales manager. Two things in particular were important aspects of his job, “One was coaching salespeople on product and application knowledge, while helping them succeed as they developed their territories.  Second, launching new product lines has always been a rewarding challenge. It was very satisfying to see how our efforts lead to growth year after year at S.O.T.”

Keith is now part of the SurfacePrep product specialist group. Along with coated and bonded products, Keith still gets to work with the other product lines during sales calls. “Our product specialist group is very equipped to assist the sales teams to grow in every market segment. During these times, customers may be looking for cost savings, and we can do that.”

Keith often oversees and personally helps test sample parts and various application processes in the demo and job shop facility. “The job shop has been a valuable tool to solve applications opportunities, whether it is vibratory, air blast, wheel blast, coated or bonded abrasives. It’s always fun to get some samples parts in the job shop to develop vibratory or blast processes.” Keith also enjoys being an active member of the Mass Finishing Job Shop Association.

What Keith likes about being part of SurfacePrep now is the amount of expertise, and the resources, that SurfacePrep has within the organization. “Companies that used to be our competition, or rivals, are now part of the same organization, and that’s pretty cool to have these resources to collaborate with.” He said that it has been fun to get to know and work alongside some of the other people within SurfacePrep. “The relationships are what makes this career rewarding, whether with co-workers, vendors, or customers.”

When he is not at a customer or the job shop, Keith likes to stay busy. He has had to trade in his S.O.T. Blaster softball jersey for a set of golf clubs. His nickname from the product specialists is “Walt” because Walt Disney World is his family’s favorite vacation destination. He loves DIY projects, cooking/grilling/eating, and loves spending time with his wife Kay and their 4 adult children. Having grown up in Missouri, he is a lifelong Cardinals baseball fan.

Keith Coffey