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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Kathryn Rodriguez, Marketing Coordinator for SurfacePrep

Kathryn started working for the SurfacePrep group in 2016 as an inside sales and customer service representative for the S.O.T. Abrasives Division. During that time, she updated their website and helped get them represented on social media. This led to her becoming the marketing coordinator for the entire SurfacePrep group.

“I have a degree in mass communications and studio art, so naturally once I started learning about the products we sold, I wanted to market them more and more. It is such a fascinating industry that not a lot of people really know about and take for granted the influence surface finishing actually has in their everyday life.”

Kathryn said that even though she has only been with the SurfacePrep group for minimal years in comparison with so many of the experts across our branches, it is not anything new. “My dad, Keith Coffey, has been working in this industry almost my entire life. I grew up visiting him in the office and leaning over vibe bowls watching the parts swirl around, going from dull to shiny. His attention to me and his love for his job is probably why I enjoy it so much now.”

Kathryn grew up around the S.O.T. Division, but as SurfacePrep expands, her appreciation for the people across every location grows as well. “There are good ideas and amazing knowledge and wisdom that I gain every time I am able to visit on the phone or in person with anyone at SurfacePrep.” The only way to truly market a brand is to not only know the business, but the people behind it. “And we have some pretty awesome people.”

When she is not updating websites, making tech data sheets, or creating flyers, Kathryn is spending time with her husband, Trey, working on updating their house, creating art, or playing video games. She is also very close to her parents, Keith and Kay, and they have quite the habit of going to Disney World together.

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