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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Jereod Coleman, Product Specialist at SurfacePrep – S.O.T. Abrasives Division

Jereod started working at S.O.T. on August 4th, 2003. In the time Jereod has been with the company, he has greatly appreciated the family atmosphere. He also emphasized the ability to make mistakes without fear, but that each mistake was turned into a growing or learning opportunity. “I appreciate that Steve Gumbert (GM of S.O.T. Division) never accepted mediocre from me. He always pushed me to be better,” Jereod said.

Jereod is a versatile salesman who will take every issue thrown at him as a challenge to solve and will assist our customers with the best solution for them. He really enjoys teaching customers and coworkers new processes that they are unfamiliar with.

“Jereod has a wealth of product and application knowledge with coated, bonded, buffing, non-woven, band saw blades, blast, and vibratory. With that knowledge and experience, he is an extremely valuable resource for the Coated Product Specialists, as well as inside and outside sales reps. When we are out in the field, it is great to have him as an asset to assist with finding the products, part numbers and costs. Jereod (aka “porkchop”) is a team player, always keeping the customer in mind, and doing what needs to be done to get them taken care of,” said Keith Coffey, fellow Product Specialist.

“Jereod has been an amazing resource for our coated abrasive product specialist team.  His knowledge of products and applications along with his ability to manage inventory has been a tremendous asset in assisting our growth.   He doesn’t back down from a challenge and always finds a way to get the right product to the customer to help them improve their process,” said Brent Cassil, Coated and Bonded Abrasive Product Manager.

Jereod has a 22-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, a very very old cat named Kitty Kitty, and his pride and joy dog, Birdie. He enjoys fishing, hunting, golf, and his most recently added hobby, billiards leagues and tournaments.