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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Dennis Cook, Pacific NW Account Manager for SPS Division

Dennis started working, nearly 15 years ago, in the SurfacePrep- SPS Division warehouse in Phoenix, AZ. He worked there for eight years before moving into the sales manager position in the Pacific NW.

Dennis likes to be there for his customers whenever they need him, whether looking for a solution or if they need a product quickly. “In most cases, I can be at a customer’s location within the same day to address any concerns that need immediate attention,” Dennis said.

Dennis enjoys collaborating with his coworkers, “I like to pass along information about new products that I have had good success with and share any information known about processes that my colleagues might have questions about.” The industries and applications that SurfacePrep serves are endless, but having worked with abrasive air blast applications the longest, Dennis enjoys it the most and finds it easiest to understand, explain, and troubleshoot with his customers.

When asked what he appreciates most about SurfacePrep, Dennis said that he appreciates having John Roth as his boss. “Not to sound like a brown noser…I have worked many jobs and never had a boss like him. He has gone about and beyond for me and my family. He is fair, honest, and always has our backs.”

John Roth, general manager of SPS Division, had similar accolades towards Dennis, “Dennis worked his way through the ranks in Arizona and when the time was right for him, he took on the tough job of opening and growing a new sales area in the Pacific NW. Dennis is one of the hardest working people I know and has done a tremendous job growing his business, and I have no doubt, he is just getting started. Dennis will be a superstar for SurfacePrep for quite some time.

Outside of the office, Dennis likes to be out doing things with his wife, Rikki, and their son, Brezlin, like fishing, hiking, biking, shooting, attending comedy shows and concerts, and repairing and building things. He is currently working on building a 15’ x 6’ x 7’ shed, built from salvaged wood collected from the container shipments received into the warehouse.

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