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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Charlie McCray, Branch Manager for SurfacePrep – S.O.T. Abrasives Division

Charlie has been in our industry since 1981, after starting out as an internal exotic coatings applicator. He began working in sales in 1990 but almost left the industry after 8 years until Bob Thompson with Schmidt called him and had Charlie start a branch in Oklahoma. In 2005, Charlie joined S.O.T. Abrasives when he helped Steve Gumbert start a new branch in Tulsa.

“I am very honored and thankful to work for SurfacePrep with all of the knowledgeable and helpful coworkers in this business,” Charlie said. Charlie said that on of SurfacePrep’s strengths is their focus on having employees and managers that have expertise in a variety of processes which allows any branch to be able to access this knowledge as they need to.

Charlie said that his goal, and overall opinion, on how to have great sales and service is to build relationships, trust, and dependability with customers and other salespeople within the company. “I strive to see the overall picture of what a customer needs and find a way to get them what they want as easily and cost efficiently as possible,” Charlie said.

Charlie’s goal is recognized by anyone at SurfacePrep who works with him. “Charlie’s dedication to the industry is second to none,” Steve Gumbert, General Manager of the S.O.T. Abrasives Division, said. “His knowledge and practical application of the knowledge has proven to be a method of success for him as well as for his customers. His commitment to the industry and SurfacePrep is greatly appreciated by everyone here and his willingness to teach and assist other salespeople will absolutely increase your success.”

Growing up, Charlie’s parents had a Gulf Gas Station. During that time he learned to work on cars, pump gas, repair tires, check oil, and be kind and courteous to their customers. He learned the value of hard work. As he grew up, Charlie always had side jobs in addition to his regular work because he always wanted to make sure he could take care of his family. “I worked one summer painting over 300 large commercial diesel trucks doing my own paint designs and stripes,” he said.

Charlie has lived in Oklahoma most of his life and is proud to say as of May 2021 he and his wife, Cheryl, will be married 40 years. They have two daughters and six grandkids.

His hobbies include working with wood, drawing, designing and creating things, painting, four-wheeling, hunting, spending time with their kids and grandkids, and taking vacations with his loving wife.

“Jesus is the way, I promise.”