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SurfacePrep People Rock!

Meet Augie Arndt, General Manager at SurfacePrep – Stratus Division

Augie has been in our industry for 31 years and has been part of the SurfacePrep family since 2017. When asked what Augie appreciates most about SurfacePrep, he said “I can never say enough about the people of SurfacePrep.” From SurfacePrep’s experience to their wealth of knowledge to their willingness to help others, Augie says it is unmatched in this industry. “No matter how small, or how large the need is, someone is always ready to help.”

His coworkers at SurfacePrep would say the same about Augie. “Augie works hard to collaborate and use the expertise across all locations at SurfacePrep to best support his customers. Anytime we get to collaborate, I learn something new and walk away with ideas on how to support SurfacePrep with new endeavors,” said Kathryn Rodriguez, Marketing Coordinator for SurfacePrep.

Augie likes projects that improve a customer’s current processes. “It is truly rewarding, and process development is most successful when you have multiple options to give the customer. With the breadth of our product line, SurfacePrep has these tools,” Augie said.

Along with process development, Augie said that being in the industry for so long has granted him lifetime friendships with customers, as well as vendors. Which is something he said that he will always cherish.

Outside of the office, the US Air Force veteran loves to play “horrible” golf, go to the beach, and be with his family. He said that he cannot wait for large, Sunday family dinners to return once COVID allows.

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